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Wayne Fettro a Mechanicsburg, PA based artist. He articulates his craft as: passionate, obsessed, and detailed. 

Art has defined Wayne’s life. At the age of seven, he started taking classes and become involved with local art schools. He practiced daily, observing and recording the world around him. His mural and hand-painted billboard work have been featured on highways and country roads of America and Canada. To this day, he continues to put brush to canvas.

Wayne seeks to paint the stories of everyday life and capture memories and feelings in his artwork. His beautiful paintings have become family heirlooms—passed forward for many years to come.

Wayne is drawn to the complexity and detail of nature and machinery. He specializes in oil paintings including, large-scale murals, plein air paintings, vintage scapes, and custom portraits.

He delights at seeing how art impacts people.

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(717) 440-7646

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